Sunday, November 30, 2008

Stimulus Just doesnt have to Economic

The Terror attacks may have come to a stop and the painful process of rebuilding hearts, minds and the city of Mumbai begins.

Life will never be the same again even as details begin to emerge amidst a painful, eerie silence..

The internet and news media is rife with individual stories of heroism,matryrdom and tragedy of a complete proporations.Moshe turned 2 yesterday and his parents are no more.

Sabina Saikia Sehgal's children's life has been indelibly marked. Her violent death at the hands of the barbarians represents only a iota of the mortal wounds Mumbai and its people have suffered.

An onerous task lies of ahead of each of us who choose to rise up and sieze this ocassion to make a difference...

As Suketa Mehta says he is going to head out to Mumbai...grab a beer at Leopold's ,walk to the Taj lounge for Samosas and watch a Bollywood movie at the Metro.

After all as he says, Stimulus just doest have to be economic.

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